Wine serving and storing

Cavepromotor and other wine related companies like to share there knowledge with wine lovers. Liebherr wine fridges and wine cabinets in the UK are mostly bought by Cavepromotor. The representatives in the UK are able to give a personal advice and make unbeatable prices. What is the secret do you think? Well Cavepromotor is only selling wine cabinets and only Liebherr. The founders of Cavepromotor are people from the wine industry. They realised that there customers where buying beautiful wines, but storing and serving them in wrong conditions and temperatures. They started to examen the suppliers of wine cabinets. After half a year of research the conclusion was that Liebherr has the most complete range and experience of appliances.

Popular models:
In the UK the most popular models are:
The Liebherr WTes 5872 Vinidor, Liebherr WTes 5972 Vinidor, Lieberr WTb 4212 Vinothek, Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek, Liebherr WKb 4212 Vinothek, Liebherr WKt 6451 GrandCru and Liebherr WKr 4211 Vinothek.

In the US the most popular models are:
The Liebherr WS17800 Vinidor, Liebherr WS4000 Vinidor, Liebherr WU4000 Vinidor, Liebherr wu5600 GrandCru, Liebherr hws1800 GrandCru, Liebherr ws1200 GrandCru.

In the USA there different modelnumbers used by Liebherr. The WTes 5872 Liebherr wine cooler is the WS17800. In the range of the Liebherr wine coolers there is also the WKes 653 and named ws1200. But also a Liebherr wine fridge or Liebherr wine cabinet is called Liebherr wine refrigerator.

Cavepromotor started the rollout of the concept in The Netherlands where wine cabinblocks de réduction de vibrationets are called wijnklimaatkast, wijnbewaarkast or wijnkoelkast. Also the rollout in Germany gave an insight in the different names used like Weinkühlschrank, Weintemperierschrank and Weinklimaschrank. In the near future the USA and France are scheduled to introduce the Cavepromotor concept. Depending of the wine sort you have to realise that the serving temperature is different. But also wine storing wines should be done in a constant temperature. A proper wine cabinet is doing more then just cooling. Liebherr wine cabinets are also controlling the quality of air and humidity. Beside that there is a lot of attention for vibrations comming from the appliance compressor. Liebherr uses state of the art compressors.

But there is always the problem of invironmental vibrations. To overcome this issue for the freestandig wine cabinets Cavepromotor developed Vibration Reduction Blocks. For the different appliances there are different sets. The Vibration Reduction Blocks are reducing the vibrations over 95%. This helps to avoid the faster eldering of your favorite wines.

When you want to buy famous wines with a background into the 19th century you can look at the wines of Cavepromotors sister company. You can think of wines like Mouton Rothschild, Margaux, Pétrus, Yquem etcetera. Most of the time there are 2000 wines available. At the moment is the Mouton Rothschild 1945 (3 liters) the most expensive wine (over € 60.000). But then the wine will be brought by a driver of the company and not be send by an express company.

Winepromotor is considering to open a branche in the UK but prefers to cooperate with a Britisch company. So the business partner can answer questions in proper English by mail and Phone.

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